You've reached the page of Miniature Empire dedicated to the rantings of our Editor. Here you'll see what thoughts are on our minds, future developments for the site, the latest News and Information, and general opinions relating to model-making and Terrain-building, straight from the horse's mouth, and quite possibly the most important part of the site (or so our Editor thinks, anyway!)

Welcome to Miniature Empire

We all lead busy lives and this is often used as a reason for not building terrain. Commercially available sources are all around, but can be very expensive in the long run. There are lots of terrain tips all over the internet and books and magazines. But often terrain "tutorials" are more complex than building a real-life counterpart! Often it is a picture of the final product and an uninformative snippet or two of the process, the aim of which is more about showing off the undoubted skill of the creator than it is about showing the viewer how to do it themselves. Blog posts are sometimes excellent, but infrequent. This site is all about terrain, how to do it step by step, and updated on a regular basis, week in week out. Not only that, but we strive always to simplify to the point that terrain building becomes fast, easy, inexpensive and fun.

There are many fantastic examples on the internet of magnificent terrain by some very skilled and creative individuals, but the end result is obtained only by fiddly and sometimes difficult-to-master techniques, expensive supplies and a high degree of skill and patience, not to mention a lot of spare time at the work table. Sure, tutorials and examples abound...if you've got six months, a bottomless pit of money, an endless amount of patience, a workshop full of specialist tools, incredible eyesight, super steady hands and highly developed modelling skills....all shown in 85 steps. Have you ever seen a Terrain-building tutorial that is inspirational but found the techniques and skill required beyond your level to achieve?

I, for one, cannot see the point in a long a tedious project that takes weeks, when simple and proven techniques are available to produce something that looks JUST AS GOOD, can be made extremely quickly, costs a fraction of the price and is easily achievable by even the least-skilled modeller. Building a piece of Terrain often begins with an end result in mind (“that looks cool – I'd like to build something like That!”) but determining the steps to reach that goal, often by trial-and-error, can be a time a resource-hungry process. We avoid using techniques that are too time-consuming or ineffective, preferring to use the most efficient, easiest and guaranteed-successful steps to obtain a complete Terrain piece in quick-time and cheaply. Experienced Terrain builders will say "building a hill, or a wall... Easy, why bother having tutorials on such simple subjects? Part of the intention of the site is to encourage those less experienced...who would not normally build terrain, to give it a try. It can be clearly demonstrated that basic, quality terrain is achievable by anybody, regardless of skill level, in quick-time. But for those of you who have years of experience and are of the “it must be perfect” inclination, there will be more advanced subjects covered too! Every week we'll be updating the site with Terrain-building articles, new Downloads and a plethora of other goodies to both inform and entertain, all exclusive to Miniature Empire. Some come join us.

Handy Andy